Extreme Temperature Detection
Temperature sensors
are placed in specific areas in the home to detect high or low temperature changes.  For most homes, a heat sensor in the furnace room is ideal, since this type of flash fire creates very little smoke, but lots of heat.

Extreme TemperaturesWhen extreme falling or rising temperatures are sensed, the temperature monitor sends a signal to the monitoring centre where an operator will take the appropriate actions.

ADT authorized dealers can install temperature sensors that monitor abnormal changes in temperature, alerting and saving you from a costly and unfortunate outcome resulting from overheating or freezing.

Some ideal locations for temperature alarms include:

  • Vacation/lake properties in cool climates
  • Basements near the furnace
  • Wine cellars

Find out more about where a temperature sensor can be installed in your home by viewing our Home Security Demonstration or contact one of our dealers today.