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Ontario, Yours to Discover

Cultures from around the world thrive and are celebrated in Ontario with festivals such as Caribana and Oktoberfest. The people, the places and the events that give Ontario its vitality help make it home for largest number of Canadians.

Basic Facts

Urban vs. Rural
85% - 15%
Size907,573.82 km2
Top 3 CitiesToronto
Source: StatsCan1

Other Interesting Facts

  • Toronto, Canada's largest city is the capital of Ontario; Ottawa, the nation's capital is also located in Ontario.
  • The name "Ontario" comes from a native word, possibly "Onitario" or "Kanadario", loosely translated as "beautiful" or "sparkling" water or lake.
  • Henry Hudson was the first European to touch the shores of present-day Ontario in 1610, after whom the Hudson Bay was named.

Moving to Ontario

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Ontario Economy

Ontario's industries range from cultivating crops, to mining minerals, to manufacturing automobiles, to designing software and leading-edge technology. Northern Ontario's economy is still highly dependent on natural resources while southern Ontario, with its proximity to the enormous U.S. market, is heavily industrialized and focused on manufacturing.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) - December '17
Month over month change
Year over year change
Unemployment Rate - (December '17)
Year over year change
Average Weekly Earnings - (2008)$837.47
Source: StatsCan1

Crime in Ontario

Both Ontario's crime rate and crime severity index have been on a downward trend (4% decrease in crime rate, 5% decr in CSI), has one of the lowest rates in Canada as of 2008. For more information on crime in Ontario, has mapped out criminal charges from 2000-2007 by location in Ontario.

Criminal code offenses4,878.57,424.2
Property crime2,530.13,079.5
Break and enter446.5629.7
rate per 100,000 population
Source: StatsCan1

For more information on crime prevention, visit the Ontario Provincial Police Crime Prevention site.

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Ontario Family Life

Families in Ontario enjoy Niagara Falls is a world-famous tourist destination, attracting 18 million visitors a year. Ontario is also one of the most multicultural societies on earth. Half of all immigrants to Canada settle in Ontario; of those, half live outside Toronto. Ontario has numerous other tourist attractions, including the annual Shakespeare Festival at Stratford, the annual George Bernard Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake, four national parks, the huge Algonquin Provincial Park, and numerous lake and island resorts. is dedicated to bringing you information about Ontario and connecting you with Ontario alarm system companies. Security systems will help ensure the safety of those who call Ontario home.

Ontario Home Security Dealers is dedicated to bringing you information about Ontario and connecting you with Ontario home security and alarm companies. Home alarm systems will help ensure the safety of those who call Ontario home. Contact an Ontario home security dealer near you today so they can show you how a home alarm system can protect your family.